Microservices and Containers. Parminder Singh Kocher

Microservices and Containers

ISBN: 9780134598383 | 304 pages | 8 Mb

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Microservices and Containers by Parminder Singh Kocher
Publisher: Addison-Wesley

About Microservices, Containers and their Underestimated Impact Abstract: Microservices are used to build complex applications composed of small, independent and highly decoupled processes. Recently, microservices are often mentioned in one breath with container technologies like Docker. That is why operating system virtualization experiences a renaissance in  Quantium's Story: An Expert's Perspective on Modernizing - MapR Editor's Note: This is an excerpt from the book, "A Practical Guide toMicroservices and Containers: Mastering the Cloud, Data, and Digital Transformation" – you can download the book for free here. Quantium is an early technology adopter that is not afraid of trying new things. This approach has helped  Deploying Microservices and Containers with - Microsoft Azure Microservice architecture is an emerging pattern for building distributed applications that support agile delivery and scalable deployment, both on- premises and in the cloud. Containers are emerging as a critical technology for enabling agile development and microservice architectures.”1. Microservices.Microservices  Design Microservices Architecture with Containers - Sumo Logic Microservices and Docker container technology are changing the DevOps world. Is it the right approach for you? Born out of open source collaboration, Docker helped revolutionize the software development world. By encasing software in shells of code called containers which included all the resources the software would  Ensuring Visibility into Microservices and Containers | AppDynamics Read the white paper to learn the benefits and use cases of Microservices,Containers, and APM. Microservices and containers in service meshes mean less chaos For enterprises, it's full speed ahead with microservices. This may speed up the development of chaos-proof service meshes. Advantages of Using Docker for Microservices - RubyGarage There's a solution, though: using microservices and containers to encapsulate each microservice. Docker helps you manage those containers. Docker is simply a containerization tool that was initially built on top of Linux Containers to provide a simpler way to handle containerized applications. We'll review Docker's  State of the Union of Microservices and Containers - Stackify We will look back at the 2010's as a time of massive development reformation. Lean, lightweight rapid development and deployments have taken over the way we look at software development. Learn why microservices and containers will continue to lead the way. Achieve Software Delivery Speed and Security With Microservices DevOps aim to increase one's speed of software delivery, but not with the same old architecture. One also needs microservices and containers (e.g., Docker) to package software for incremental change. But containers are new, and they introduce a range of new security issues that developers and security architects have  Microservices App | Container Services Fabric by Avi Networks Avi Networks container services fabric for microservices apps provides load balancing, service discovery, and autoscaling. Contact us today and get started! Microservices and Containers | MapR Microservices and Containers. Legacy infrastructures simply cannot handle the workloads or power the applications that will drive business decisively forward in the years ahead. New infrastructure, new thinking and new approaches are in the offing, all driven by the mantra 'transform or die.' This book is meant for IT  DevOps Chat: Microservices & Containers - Mastering the The replatforming of the enterprise IT infrastructure

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